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When you sign with a medical billing service, you want trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable billing service at a fair price. You want to feel secure that medical claims are being processed in a professional and consistent manner by experienced billing professionals.

You want to build your practice without the distractions of insurance companies and medical billing. Techindia specializes in physician credentialing, contracting, practice set-up and billing.

We take pride in saying that you have reached the right people at the right time. Our key to the success: -

Claims are filed electronically in a timely filing manner.

We follow aggressively on old aged AR claims with an incredible record of reducing AR days for all our clients. We follow MGMA standards

We set high quality standard parameters & have 2 tiers of quality system in place to ensure that Quality is delivered at all times & stages. We deliver what we promise and promise what we deliver

Once in 2 weeks, we schedule training programs for all the employees to keep ourselves updated with all the insurance information࡮d updates.

We provide you detailed reports on a bi-weekly & monthly basis, allowing you to track AR aging by insurance wise or a customized report which will suit your needs.

Weekly report on the ﴡl value of charges submitted to the insurance Vs the total value of charges accepted by the insurance穬l be provided

Electronic rejections will be worked and fixed on the same day

Our aim is always to submit a clean claim to the payer, at a faster rate.

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