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About Us

Medicalstead helps businesses to succeed, with solutions that align technology and processes to organization's goals for results the way they define them.

Our value proposition is simple: To bring substantial value to client's Outsourcing requirements by lowering costs, improve processes, drive revenue, delivering measurable quality improvements and strengthen customer relationships.

Medicalstead delivers this value through its own world-class talent, proven technology, regulatory compliance, strong management focus, dedicated business units and timely delivery to create solutions that maximize returns on IT investments.

What we do:
One of the few companies that combine extensive domain knowledge with state of the art technology, we deliver an array of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing solutions tailored to the needs of the Healthcare & Insurance industry.

Our service offerings spanning across Open Source Systems and Business Process Outsourcing include Medical Interpretation, Medical Billing, Clinic Back Office Automation, Back Office BPO, and more.

How we do it:
Complementing our services is our Global Delivery Approach that enables us to focus on our Customer's operations wherever they exist in the world.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficient delivery processes, technical expertise and deep healthcare domain knowledge helps us offer tremendous cost savings and competitive edge to our clients.

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