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Solutions - Revenue Cycle Management

Accounts Receivable Services

Our team ensures that you get paid more @ a faster rate by working on AR by age wise, thereby reduce your days in A/R substantially. Our goal has always been to restrict the AR days below 30 days. We take pride in saying that we were successful in restricting the AR days to less than 30, across the board for all our clients.

Strategy for Insurance Follow up and Appeals: -

AR will be allotted to the team by age cum insurance wise. All claims pending for more than 30 days will be worked to completion once in a month. Based on the status of the claim, we will assign a reason code for each claim. Detailed report will be submitted

All claims which are pending for more than 30 days will be followed either via telephone or letter or online. On applying the basic medical billing and analytical skills, we work the claims to completion either by appealing or billing the patient or adjusting the claims as the case may be.

We track the status of each claim by assigning a reason code to it and submit a detailed report to the provider at the end of every month.

We also maintain a denial database management which we use it for training purpose.

Patient Statements: -
This service includes processing and mailing all patient statements. We follow up with patient on all patient balance accounts including self pay before recommending it to collections.

Refund Request from insurance: - It will be dealt on a priority basis. Refund will be recommended or initiated only if the insurance request date falls within the mandated time period as prescribed in each & every state.

Salient features of our A/R Follow-Up Solution Suite: -

  • AR days is always less than 30 days
  • Age cum insurance wise Follow-up
  • Denial Management
  • Resubmission of Claims whenever and wherever necessary
  • Secondary Claim Submission
  • Detail Reporting including customized reports of the open AR
  • We follow MGMA standards for all specialty

Advantages: -

  • Improved cash-flow
  • Reduced A/R days